Junos Are Coming Back to St. John’s

Juno Awards reception

Juno Awards reception fruit

Just read on the VOCM radio web site that the Junos are coming back to St. John’s. They were last here in 2002. Wow, that long ago? I remember watching the show hosted by the Barenaked Ladies and thinking it was a hoot.

More info about the Junos in Newfoundland is on Wikipedia - Juno Awards of 2002

The cc photo of the carved fruit by novembering.

Can you carve a partridgeberry?

Newfoundland Winter Storm

This Newfoundland Winter Storm video was shot using my brand new Macbook pro and the built in camera. I am just playing with the Youtube Quick Capture feature that allows you to record directly to Youtube and post with no editing..

It’s my first winter here in St. John’s and just about everyone has warned me about them. They are snowy, blowy and long. Lucky for me – I like winter. Well, especially the stay indoors part, feeling cozy while it’s stormy outside. As my friend Kelly said, all the more time to stay indoors and do art.

Today there is a winter storm warning. Lots of snow and wind to come.

Unfortunately, you can’t really see the gusts of wind blowing the snow until the very end at the 25 second mark. Snow is hard to capture on film and video, and even harder with a webcam.

Can you hear the gusts of wind? Not sure, I think I need a windsock for the microphone. Haha. But you can see my hair in the top of the frame as I struggle to position the mouse to stop recording.

Let’s see how I feel about winter in March, April and May – traditionally my least fave months.

Newfoundland Winter

Newfoundland Winter - The view from my window.

Newfoundland Winter - The view from my window.

What’s a Newfoundland winter like? Well, I am not even one full month into winter if you count December 21 as the first day of winter. But from what I’ve heard this has been a good one so far, as there was hardly any snow. Up until now.

This is a pic from Monday Jan. 12 after a particularly pretty snow fall. It was light and fluffy, and did one of those excellent blanketing jobs.

Today, with a winter warning effect, is going to be “some different.”

That’s the expression I have picked up first: adding the word “some” in front of nouns to describe things – like that’s some pie. And that’s some beard you have got growing there.

I like this “some” thing.

I don’t like how hard it is to get around in the city during winter. It is some hard. More on that later.