Newfoundland Winter Storm

This Newfoundland Winter Storm video was shot using my brand new Macbook pro and the built in camera. I am just playing with the Youtube Quick Capture feature that allows you to record directly to Youtube and post with no editing..

It’s my first winter here in St. John’s and just about everyone has warned me about them. They are snowy, blowy and long. Lucky for me – I like winter. Well, especially the stay indoors part, feeling cozy while it’s stormy outside. As my friend Kelly said, all the more time to stay indoors and do art.

Today there is a winter storm warning. Lots of snow and wind to come.

Unfortunately, you can’t really see the gusts of wind blowing the snow until the very end at the 25 second mark. Snow is hard to capture on film and video, and even harder with a webcam.

Can you hear the gusts of wind? Not sure, I think I need a windsock for the microphone. Haha. But you can see my hair in the top of the frame as I struggle to position the mouse to stop recording.

Let’s see how I feel about winter in March, April and May – traditionally my least fave months.

Bob Wiseman at the Rock Can Roll Festival

Rock And Roll Festival 2008

I have been popping into various events at this year’s “The Rock Can Roll Festival” – on right now ( October 23 – 26.) Liz Pickard (Liz Band and Liz Solo) and the team have done a swell job of bringing in artists, musicians and some digital muckrakers to talk about their work. And the work is inspiring – especially for digital media peeps like me.

One thing that is definitely striking me is how many musicians are now dabbling in creating their own music videos or short films – some of it especially to accompany their music. If there were going to be something new in the music scene, I’d say this is it – the marriage of visuals to the performance.

What’s cool about it is that in this artist-centred business model now – you CAN do this. The price of the tools is now within reach. You can hire some media artists to do it for you, or you can do it yourself, like Bob Wiseman and Danny Keating are. Of course, the the two really like filmmaking – so that helps.

Bob Wiseman made some interesting points – he’s been making videos to accompany his stage shows during his performances. He says it serves a few purposes. It sets him apart from the kajillion other musicians out there, and that’s good – because there ARE a kajillion musicians out there and getting attention is difficult. The second thing that is good is that when performing, the video projections on stage actually make people stop and stare and listen. It’s something different. He is also interacting with the videos – they aren’t just background, so it’s part of the show – and it is funny.

The third good thing about his videos is they allow him to tour solo. Being in a band is tough. Being the band leader is even tougher – you have to take care of the people in your band. You have to make sure there is ample money for all, and foods and bed setc. You have to take care of them emotionally too – because you are the leader and asked them out.

Bob said this – which supposedly was echoed in earlier workshops – it’s better to be friends with the people in your band than choosing them for their musicianship. It’s a “tough gig” being in bands.

So touring alone with a projector, laptop and collapsible screen has become a viable option for Wiseman. He toured Europe last year this way opening for Feist.

I have to run now – The Rock Can Roll Festival evenings are filled with numerous shows in 4 different venues.

Danny Keating Info here.

Liz Solo and Liz band

Hope to see some of you tonight and don’t miss out tomorrow’s closing show for The Rock Can Roll Festival with Bob Wiseman’s digital show and The Subtitles at The Ship.