Motorcycle Dog

Today was a most gorgeous day for a walk. Or ride, if you’re a motorcycle buff. Like Eli Patrick Benoit the pug. Here’s Eli out enjoying a ride with his owner dressed in his finest.

Dog day afternoon

Dog day afternoon

Pug Rider

Motorcycle dog in helmet

motorcycle dog in helmet

Pug Rider.

There was a larger than normal commotion outside Coffee and Company on Water Street, where the bikes are lined up, as everyone ogled the smartly dressed pug in his motorcycle cap and goggles doggles. Yes, they are called doggles, and they come complete with the skull and crossbones decoration.

Motorcycles on  Water Street

Motorcycles on Water Street. Plus dog.

The stoic little dog is looking all dapper dressed in his gear – no cheap motorcycle jackets for our Eli – it’s custom leather all the way, including the custom made dog carrier for the bike.

And yes, he loves riding.

And he didn’t mind getting his picture  taken either. He’s used to the paparazzi.

Doggles are goggles for dogs.

Doggles - they are goggles for dogs. I knew that.


Job Post – Project Manager – Multimedia/Web/Video Production

Here’s a dream job…and you’ll work with me!

Job Posting! Project Manager – Multimedia/Web/Video Production


If you have a positive, proactive, team oriented attitude, good sense of humour, enjoy working in a stimulating environment and in an industry that is constantly changing, we want to speak with you.

BookShorts is a production + distribution + marketing company specializing in media based on books and authors (original work and client commissions). We are currently looking for a Project Manager for Multimedia/Web. This is a mid-level, full-time contract position at industry standard rates for a resident of St. John’s, NL.

In this position you will work as a key member of our hands-on creative and production team, all of whom are being specially hired to service a significant line of new business.

Our ideal candidate has:
- Three years experience in project management and/or is a graduate of a post-secondary level program in Multimedia with some real-world experience.
- Excellent communication skills both upstream to clients and to production / creative team members
- Hyper-attention to detail
- Excellent administrative computer skills (Microsoft Office); is comfortable with basic functions in Adobe CS; has basic HTML, FTP skills (Dreamweaver a definite bonus).
- Knowledge of basic video editing skills (Final Cut Pro or Avid) sufficient to collaborate effectively with team members
- Familiarity with the Internet and social networking
- Access to a vehicle
- Flexible work schedule
- A passion for New Media and all things web-related

Please email your resume to before Wed., February 4, (MS Word or PDF) with I’m The One! in the subject line.

We thank you for your response however, only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted.

Check out book trailers by BookShorts here.

Junos Are Coming Back to St. John’s

Juno Awards reception

Juno Awards reception fruit

Just read on the VOCM radio web site that the Junos are coming back to St. John’s. They were last here in 2002. Wow, that long ago? I remember watching the show hosted by the Barenaked Ladies and thinking it was a hoot.

More info about the Junos in Newfoundland is on Wikipedia - Juno Awards of 2002

The cc photo of the carved fruit by novembering.

Can you carve a partridgeberry?

Lulu Lemon Opens in St. John’s

December 1st marked the opening of a new Lulu Lemon store in St. John’s, NL on Water Street downtown.

Yoga moms with tots in strollers lined up outside the door, clogging the street and causing weekend weary hipsters to have to step off the sidewalk to bypass the crowd on their way to get their uber coffees from Coffee and Company.

By 4 pm, the line up was mostly indoors as shoppers stood in line patiently waiting their turn to pay for yoga inspired pants from consumer heaven.

Before the word yoga came to mean an adjective for a fashion style, yoga was a spiritual practice in which practitioners used deep breathing, stretching, physical postures and meditation to become “awake” and in touch with their “true selves.” The enlightened state that spiritual followers aspire to is one in which the practitioner is free from superficial desires and attachments, and thus becomes peaceful – or – “at one with what is.”

In fact Yoga was introduced to the West in the late 19th century by Swami Vivekananda, who believed that yoga could save us new world inhabitants from the “sharp claws of the monster of materialism.”

I have my eye on the cutest hoodie ever.

St. John’s Recycling Delayed Two Years

St. John’s curbside recycling program was supposed to start this spring, but the city has just announced that the program will be delayed 2 years due to budget restraints. How’s that news for this new “Have province” capital?

Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth said while he felt uneasy about city council’s decision, he agrees that the $1-million cost would put too much strain on its $170-million budget.

This is truly a bummer  because I have not been able to bring myself to throwing my tins, bottles, plastics and papers away. I’ve been collecting them in clear plastic bags waiting for rides to the recycling areas, which don’t come often.

This is probably going to be a big bummer for Cathy Parsons too – whose job it is to field all the recycling and  environmental questions for the government. I met Cathy last year during the St. John’s Women’s film festival, where she told me the best worm composting story ever.

She tells me she gets a lot of awfully angry people  on the phone line when she tells them there is no recycling program in town. They like to take their frustrations out on her – because obviously Cathy has “all the power” and therefore it’s her fault. Now she will likely get two more years of abuse.

More sad but true recycling facts to make my green-conscious heart weep:

  • The provincial government recently announced it would not be able to keep its promise to shut down 25 garbage incinerators before the end of the year.
  • We still dump raw sewage into the harbour – though I can see the new sewage plant being built from my upstairs window. Pretty.
  • St. John’s and Regina are the only two provincial capitals that do not have recycling programs in place.

PS. Don’t talk to me about throwing food waste into the garbage either. I feel so guilty about it, it’s sick. I am seriously considering vermi-composting, but suffer a huge setback every time I find a slug under my desk.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the video, you should check out Cathy’s story about her first weekend home with her new vermi-composting worms. And stay tuned for the next installment of worm composting with Cathy – we’ll be making a new video as soon as I can get it together. (Getting it together always takes longer than you think, don’t it.)

How to Recycle in St. John’s

In the wake of hearing that the curbside recycling programs in Newfoundland have been pushed back for another 2 years, I have prepared this list of How To Recycle in St. John’s.

Recycling Programs in St. John’s

You can take your recyclables to a centre.

Green depots:
Green depots are set up throughout the province to collect used beverage containers only. I missed this point the first time and showed up with cans and jars and all kinds of other goodies I have been used to recycling in Ontario – but no, they wouldn’t take them. It is only for drinking containers. and they only accept goods for which they can receive cash for.

They will give you a refund of 5¢ per non-alcoholic beverage container and 10¢ per alcoholic item:

  • Aluminum cans – soft drinks, beer, juice, flavoured drinks
  • Drink boxes – juice, milkshakes
  • Plastic and glass bottles – soft drinks, water, juice, flavoured drinks, liquor bottles, imported beer
  • Steel cans – juice

Here is a link with the list of Green Depot locations.

On the list are Ever Green Recycling Depots, a nonprofit agency that operates four depots in St. John’s.

While evergreen accepts newsprint at the Blackmarsh Road and Elizabeth Avenue locations, they stopped collecting white paper and cardboards earlier in the year, as this was a money losing venture. They had asked the government for some money to help out  but were denied since the city wide plan was to start in the coming year.  Now that the recycling program has beem delayed for another 2 years, the city recommends we drive our paper to Mount Pearl or CBS. What a joke.

Here is the list of what you can recycle at Ever Green.

  • Sort 1 – Aluminum Cans
  • Sort 2 – Glass
  • Sort 3 – Clear Plastic
  • Sort 4 – Coloured Glass
  • Sort 5 – Green Plastic
  • Sort 6 – Plastic Other
  • Sort 8 – Steel Cans
  • Sort 9 – Gable Tops
  • Sort 11 – Drink Boxes
  • Sort 12 – Transplastics
  • Sort 13 – Blue Plastic
  • Sort 20 – Clear Glass
  • Sort 21 – Green Glass
  • Sort 22 – Brown Glass
  • Sort 23 – Plastic Clear
  • Sort 24 – Plastic Colour
  • Sort 26 – Beer Bottles

Once again, these are drinking containers only. What are transplastics? This recycling business is not easy.

Household Hazardous Waste
You have to be careful about how you dump your old paints, and other chemicals. Down the toilet isn’t great for the harbour, and consequently, us.

  • For the 2008 HHW Collection Program Schedule, click here.
  • For Accepted Household Hazardous Waste, click here.

How to recycle old tires.

Pay for pick up
Atlantic Blue Recycling Limited (709) 726-2583
Atlantic Blue Recycling Limited is a private business operating in the St. John’s Region that does provide a curbside collection service. The company will come to your house and collect all recyclables, cans, bottles, paper, plastic, and charge $19.53 a month.

I still have to find out more about them since they don’t have a web site (what!)  I think this might have to be the way for me to go, since I don’t have a car. Anyone in the downtown area want to share this with me?