Best pics of Newfoundland Blizzard 2013


“Cold and wet. Nothing a cup of tea and dry socks won’t cure!”

That’s the sentiment a day after a big blizzard in St. John’s closed the city down. On Friday January, 10th, 2013, the power went out for the whole day as the winter storm with wind speeds topping 110 km/h dumped from 25 to 55 cm of snow on the Avalon. Reports say it’s the worst storm in 7 years. But around here, it’s no big deal.

And that’s why I live here. No drama, sensationalism, or fear-mongering.

“It’s winter, and we live in the middle of the Atlantic – what are you expecting?”

Here’s how to deal with a blizzard in Newfoundland.

Some people see this as an obstacle.

snowstorm in Newfoundland blocks the door.

Others see it as an opportunity.


blizzard fridge


Shouldn’t be too much longer…

(This great shot from made it onto CBC.)

newfoundland turkey cooks over tealights during a power failure


Dude, where’s my car?

(crtsy Steve Halley)

car covered by snow, Newfoundland blizzard 2013





Climb to the back door…


I listened to Frankie, and stayed indoors.


Then I ventured out Friday at about 2 pm to catch these pics.
Owly Images

Owly Images

Thanks for the photos. If I haven’t credited the photos properly, let me know.


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